WAYNARD SCHELLER & RAINBOW FULL of SOUND Recreating the "EUROPE 72 TOUR" Show (#3) of (21)

Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre, 149 Westchester Avenue , Port Chester, NY 10573

December 9, 2019 Press Release, by : Dennis McNally/Ellie Sanders

Waynard Scheller and Rainbow Full of Sound Set Out to Recreate Europe ‘72

December 9, 2019

Waynard Scheller and Rainbow Full of Sound (RFoS) play Grateful Dead songs, and they’ve been doing so for a while – 300 shows’ worth. But this spring’s tour will come with a very special twist: they are going to re-create the Dead’s legendary 1972 tour of Europe, tracing the path of twenty-one shows from England to Denmark to Germany to France to the Netherlands and back to England.

Tour Sponsors and Charitable Partners : WhyHunger, The Hansen Foundation – Enlightened Solutions, and Stage Trip Industries.